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Stoner Patch Watermelon is 80% Indica strain. Its large, dense buds are valued for their high THC content and great relaxing effects, useful as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant.

As the name suggests, this strain has a distinct and unique fruity watermelon flavor profile, reminiscent of grape with good hashy undertones. Watermelon is prized by growers for its high farm yield and potency, requiring 55 to 60 days flowering time.

Stoner Patch Watermelon is developed with high-quality cannabis and infused with 350mg THC. This medical treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… Buy Stoner Patch Watermelon online and get stoned.

Stoner Patch Watermelon Aroma

The Watermelon marijuana strain has an unmistakably sweet candy scent akin to fruit-flavored candy. If you close your eyes and truly take in the aroma, you will get the smell of fresh strawberries, along with hints of sugar and earthiness.

Stoner Patch Watermelon Flavor

You can probably also guess that this strain tastes a lot like watermelon! The sweet berry flavor is a joy to behold, and you will be eager to take even more of it; just don’t get greedy with the blunt! Upon the exhale, you may get hints of tropical fruit with a honey flavor that lingers luxuriously.

THC Content – Highest Test

We have also seen a wide array of results for Stoner Patch Watermelon’s THC content. Its average THC content ranges from 11 to 17% but can top out at 20%. We have heard unsubstantiated stories that claim certain cuts have a THC level of 29%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

there are some cuts of Watermelon that have a CBD level of 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Watermelon Marijuana Strain

If you are suffering from stress or chronic fatigue, Stoner patch Watermelon could be the tonic/ medication you need. Use it an hour or two before bedtime if you have insomnia, and get ready for sleep to take hold. One of the reasons why it is so effective for insomniacs is because it helps you set aside the mental worries that keep you awake. Stoner Patch Watermelon for sale online

Watermelon is potent enough to serve as a worthy analgesic. It could be effective if you have chronic pain due to a condition such as arthritis, migraine, or backache. This strain helps numb the pain you feel and gives you a much-needed mental break. It has been linked with a reduction in vomiting and nausea, which means it is potentially useful for patients undergoing treatments that affect appetite. Stoner Patch Watermelon for sale

If you feel your stomach rumbling as the high wears off, don’t worry! Getting a case of munchies is normal. If you have problems with your appetite, Stoner Watermelon can help you look forward to mealtimes. Finally, as it can improve your mood, you might use this strain to alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression.


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Stoner Patch Watermelon
Stoner Patch Watermelon