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About Dank Vapes La confidential

Dank Vapes La confidential is an about unadulterated Indica strain that offers its clients a calming and loosening up high. It can likewise assist with inspiring and cheer, settling on it an extraordinary decision for those with wretchedness or tension. Regarding flavor, this strain smells like skunk, yet oddly, tastes not at all like it. It rather has an aftertaste like sweet and natural pine!

Considered by some to be an indica, while others consider it a hybrid. LA Confidential strain has a 90% indica, 10% Sativa hereditary cosmetics. Its belongings positively appear to weigh vigorously towards indica. In light of the fact that this dank vape is famous for setting its purchasers into either profound unwinding mode or just set them on the right track to rest. This vape type is positively powerful, for it doesn’t need THC content, Which remains at around 18-25% on normal in directed lab tests.

LA Confidential is one of these strain types that appears to shock its purchaser because of the incongruencies between its smell and taste. Envision smelling a banana and when you go to take a chomp it has an aftertaste like a grape; this is fairly illustration for LAC since this weed type stinks of sharp skunk. However after you go to endure a shot, the kinds of gritty, sweet pine sway the taste buds.

The contrasts between the fragrance and taste, albeit unmistakable, don’t conflict, and rather supplement each other in their uniqueness, mixing it up that permits the LA Confidential strain to speak to numerous sides of the smell/season profile.


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Dank Vapes la confidential
Dank Vapes la confidential