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White Fire OG (also known as WiFi OG or simply WiFi) is a hybrid marijuana strain known for its uplifting and cerebral effects. White Fire OG is made by crossing Fire OG and The White. This strain features beautiful flowers notable aromas that are sour and earthy. Consumers say that White Fire OG is ideal for social and creative activities without leaving you drowsy. One Leafly user notes “WiFi OG is probably my number one strain. It helps massively with my anxiety. It’s a very energetic and bubbly high for me.” Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to treat anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss. The appearance of this strain resembles a dusty snowfall of crystals. According to growers, many phenotypes of White Fire OG exist, some with dense, barrel-like buds and others with pointed, conic formations. Growers of White Fire OG can raise their high-yielding plants indoors or outdoors with a 65-day flowering period.

White Fire OG (sometimes called Wifi OG) is an Indica-dominant (60/40 Indica) hybrid strain of cannabis. Its THC level regularly reaches up to 25 percent while its CBD content is quite low – generally around 0.5 percent.

A child of two well-established strains – Fire OG Kush and The White – White Fire OG has become quite popular throughout medical and recreational dispensaries in the West. Originally bred in the early 2000’s it has built a reputation for a unique look and routinely high potency.

White crystals blanket the plant-like snow on its barrel-shaped, tight buds. The smell is diesel fuel and earthy. Some have detected pepper and lemon in the taste while others have said it’s more sweet, musky, and oaky.

Although it tilts towards the Indica side, Wifi OG has cerebral effects, offering energy and focus. The heady profile also means that people can use it in the morning and midday and not get too sleepy. For recreational users, this herb may be suited to creative and social activities.

Because of the high THC and the low CBD, Wifi OG is not suited for medical patients with serious disorders like epilepsy. Instead, people with depression, anxiety, appetite loss, and pain find that it suits their needs. Some may find the smoke a bit harsh on the intake, which may not be suitable for people trying to avoid coughing due to pain or lung irritation.

The first rush is strong and uplifting and people have reported 3-hour highs with this particular strain of weed. Some have mentioned a localized feeling in the face and eyes that is warm and pleasant.

3 reviews for Wifi Og

  1. bushir munir

    Newbie to medical marijuana here. I’ve been HIV+ for almost 30 years. The absolute worst symptoms I’ve been had for over 10 years are depression & mind-numbing fatigue. Fatigue so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. And depression resulting from being able to not think clearly, as though my mind was full of cobwebs. And that worst part of depression: not getting joy from things that used to give you joy. Focusing on negatives things which happened long ago. Feeling bitter and resentful. Basically, just waiting to die. White Fire OG has completely turned all that around. I’ve tried every anti-depressant out there, nothing even comes close. I have a mini-bong (I found at amazon.com) and about 2 hits of bud is fine for me. It gives a sense of euphoria, but not hallucinogenic. Perhaps if I took more, I would, I don’t know. I’ve been taking it for about 2 months now, and I thank GOD for it. I just wish it was legal a long time ago, I may have avoided 2 suicide attempts. I’m enjoying life again, I’m getting out of the house, meeting people and going to the gym. I have my life back again. It’s wonderful. Thanks to everyone who voted to make marijuana legal medicinally in California. It should be legal recreationally as well. Marijuana is far healthier than alcohol, and safer than street drugs which are completely unregulated.

  2. mollie cverina

    My Crohn’s disease has been out of control with nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, inflammation, pain, and depression. This flare even woke me up early to make a mad dash to the toilet. None of the strains I have been vaping over the past few months have really calmed it down. (I realize that Rick Simpson and Shona Banda have developed cannabis ingestion methods that work for Crohn’s, but I have not yet had the opportunity to try these yet.) I checked Leafly and did not have any of the recommended Crohn’s strains. I didn’t have any of the gastrointestinal disorder strains available either… except I noticed two of the listed strains, Fire OG and The White, are the parents of one strain I have: White Fire OG. Well if both parents are good for gastrointestinal disorders, then surely the child must be too! I immediately loaded it into my O-pen vaporizer and vaped away. After I had gotten plenty of medicine in my system, I felt something amazing. My whole abdomen relaxed. All of the tension released, like a bunch of muscles relaxing. I haven’t felt such a phenomenon of relaxation in my digestive system before with any other strain. I kept vaping White Fire OG the rest of the day and had significant relief from this terrible Crohn’s flare! I must also say that my legs and feet were relaxed too. Even my vagina, rectum, and anus were noticeably relaxed (but not to the point that anything would be released unintentionally). I felt calm and at peace. My thoughts were crystal clear, my memory did not skip at all, and I could totally carry on coherent, serious business conversations with this stuff in my system. I recommend this strain for relaxing muscles and as a daytime medicine for those with Crohn’s disease, other types of gastrointestinal disorders, and anxiety.

  3. Hrob huran

    I’ve been with cannabjs for 15 years; this is the best ever! I was so so so so so so happy and uplifted that I wanted to CREATE! It started off with an airy, ethereal, open, earthy philosophical consciousness. It unfolded into sky. I laughed, I created music, It imbibed enlightened thought and expansive euphoria of mind and a mellow “surfer-sage” outlook proceeding a heavenly euphoria felt throughout the body. My body is uber relaxed and “tingly”– I think it might float away. I feel like a balloon free in the sky. The euphoria persists for a long time. There is no paranoia. My senses are very heightened, I was seeing little flashes of light like you see on the THC coating the leaves in white and burnt-orange hairs. The “cone-down” is smooth and mellow with butterflies tingly in my stomach four hours later! This is pharmaceutical-grade, sweet, luscious cannabis. It’s ability to target sadness makes this one a great antidepressant and mood stabilizer. Excellent for muscle spasms, hypertension, spasticity, PTSD, anxiety, OCD and pain. This is a wonderful strain that should be picked up right away in large amounts of you are very lucky to find it! Nameste!

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Wifi Og
Wifi Og